Five Locks Walk

The D-H Canal was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1968.  In 1999, the High Falls locks--16 through 20--were cleared and refurbished (to the extent possible).  These five locks were built in 1847, as part of a new route designed to accommodate increased traffic and larger canal boats.  This section also included a loading quay, still visible just past lock 16. The canal locks were constructed of Shawangunk conglomerate, an indigenous stone.  Each lock measured 90’ long, 15’ wide, and 15’ deep, and provided an average change in elevation of 12.6’. 


A network of trails

The Hudson River Greenway is working with communities and trail groups to establish a system of trails that link cultural and historic sites, parks, open spaces, and community centers. Once work on the Canal House is complete, we envision it serving as a departure point, resting place and source of information for the trail system.

Check out the sites below for trail maps and information.

Trail information